changing your life is a snap when you realize it starts with a decision.

Are you ready to make a decision to cultivate radical joy and a life you love?


Are you are ready to invest in yourself and to raise your standards? I would love to support you and help you release what isn't working and put a plan of action together so you will realize the following outcomes:

  • Master your mindset and step into your unstoppable power,
  • Incorporate lifestyle medicine for peak performance and optimum health and wellness,
  • Make daily self care your highest priority,
  • Let go of limiting beliefs and patterns of self-sabotage,
  • Release negative emotions that hold you back,
  • Create a compelling future and become the architect of your own life,
  • Design a vision and mission for your life that is aligned with your values  

My coaching program will help you BREAKTHROUGH TO YOU—the real you.
When I say the real you, I mean:

R E A L - Resourceful, Empowered, Aligned, Liberated. 


Are you ready to become the best version of yourself?
I hope your answer is “YES” because I can help you get there. Simply fill out the complimentary clarity session form and let’s get you on my schedule!  

Michele Waterman


where your focus goes

energy flows

It's time to end the struggle of never enough and cultivate a life you love.

As an empowerment and mindset coach, clients hire me to help them change their life and get results. Whether a client is working on career, health and fitness, personal development, or any other area of life, there are four requisites of change.

  1. Release baggage
  2. Create a compelling future and set goals
  3. Take massive action
  4. Maintain Focus

In order to create lasting change, you MUST start the process by letting go of what is not working. That is why I begin every coaching alliance with an intensive 8-hour breakthrough session, which includes Mental and Emotional Release® (MER®). Starting with a detailed personal history, the goal is to identify the greater problem that gets in the way of you achieving your goals and desired outcomes. Then I will guide you through the MER® process so that you can release negative emotions and I will help you get clear on your values. Finally, you will complete the breakthrough process by doing some homework and exercises to create a compelling future, identify your achievable outcomes, and develop SMART goals.

As we work together week to week, I will support you with accountability, help you strategize on executing your plan of action, guide you toward mastering an unstoppable mindset, provide feedback about developing daily self-care practices that will help you have more energy, mental clarity, confidence, and vitality and give you the support you need to stay aligned with your values as you make weekly progress toward your goals.


“Joy is our birthright. What blocks our joy is our separation from love." –gabrielle bernstein, the universe has your back