Desirae J.

Working with Michele has been a great blessing to me. She has been remarkably supportive, gentle and compassionate yet skillfully adept at helping me focus on what is most important to me, what stands in my way and what next steps I want and need to take to accomplish my goals. She has a gift of listening between the lines and using her intuition to guide me through a process of self discovery, self honesty and self acceptance.  I always feel heard, yet never judged and therefore safe to share and discover my truth so that i could learn to listen to myself and connect to my inner guidance.  I feel more empowered, present and able to face life, career and relationship challenges with a conscious perspective. I now have the tools and resources to approach life's circumstances with more confidence and grace than i could have imagined. Michele is a gifted and effective coach, skilled at facilitating change in what ever area of life i have chosen to work with her in.

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Denyce H.

Michele is an incredible Life Coach.  Through a direct, authentic and intuitive approach, she gently pushed me to uncover and acknowledge how a lifetime of incongruent beliefs and assumptions was draining my energy and was holding me back from achieving my goals. Michele helped me identify my true values, and through her coaching, i learned to reconcile discord between my mind, body, heart and soul. She provided space for me to do my work by creating a safe place to be vulnerable and speak truth.

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Ellen H.

Meeting and working with Michele has been a life changing experience for me. Michele has a unique ability to help me process through my thoughts and assess why I feel or respond the way I do. She holds my fears and thoughts without judgment. With every conversation, I feel like she unlocks one more door, that has started this life transformation that is full of joy and potential.

Beth K.

Oh, what a gift she is! My husband and I worked with Michele when we had reached an impasse on a long-standing marriage issue. Very quickly, Michele was able to listen to each of us and understand the problem. But then the magic happened! Through all of the noise of our complaints, Michele heard the tender and hurt parts of us. She cleared away the chatter and got RIGHT to the heart of the issue. It was amazing how balanced she was with her compassion and how we both felt heard, seen, and cared for. Michele's presence and her insistence that we stay focused on the very simple emotional needs allowed us to work toward a solution and stay peaceful in our communication. She had tremendous leadership with us and it helped us to navigate the rocky terrain of our issue.


Andrea G.

Every time I talk with Michele, I feel unconditionally accepted. I can be fully myself with her largely because she is one of the most authentic, real people that I have ever met. She walks with me side by side as a support and witness to my process. She helps me to discover possibility when I feel hopeless and uncover layers of truth in a way that feels like a gift. Michele has an innate ability to inspire through her sense of humor, understanding and sense of timing about when to be still with me and when to nudge me forward into action. The combination of her genuine heart connection with people and intuitive skill at facilitating movement toward change has helped me tremendously.