EPISODE 01 - Frank Macri: “How to Find Your Voice and Own Who You Are”

Thursday, September 27, 2018

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Frank Macri, PCC, CPC, ELI-MP

Business Coach | Leadership Development Trainer

Frank Macri is the President and Founder of Namasgay, an organization that brings together thousands of purpose-driven LGBTQ leaders looking to connect to themselves and others on a deeper level. Twice a year, Namasgay hosts a 3-day Summit bringing together LGBTQ individuals who want to find their voice and thrive in their spirituality, relationships, and careers.

Frank’s background is in Leadership Development Training and Business Coaching. He has spoken internationally and mentored over 1,000 highly successful leaders, including a 3-time Emmy Award winner. Frank has partnered with one of the world’s most prestigious coaching institutes, where he trained hundreds of coaches on becoming influential leaders in their businesses and communities.

When Frank first started his business, he struggled to attract success and live up to his potential. After years of discouragement, he finally discovered a unique paradigm of leadership that completely shifted his energy level.

I am delighted to have Frank as my guest on Radical Joy Radio and to share some of his inspirational story with you. His message reminds us that magic truly happens when we let go of who we think we SHOULD be, and WHOLE heartedly embrace who we actually are. That’s how we find our voice and own who we are!

I know you will enjoy our conversation.

Let’s get started!

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